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My name is Jeff, and for nearly 25 years, I've been a LAMP Developer, primarily specializing in backend development while also proficiently working on frontends but I leave the final designing to web designers, I am a coder not designer. I perform the coding portion of designs, only. My expertise lies in SaaS and other database-driven systems, blending procedural and object-oriented programming with Linux Administration.

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One of my significant contributions was developing the original cPanel email hosting suite, which transformed how customers manage email by enabling direct management on a website instead of through cPanel. Similarly, I created the original Plesk Auto Email suite, offering similar functionality for Plesk with additional multi-domain capabilities.

Throughout my career, my portfolio has encompassed diverse projects, ranging from lander page generators to fantasy football sites to full-scale SaaS websites. For several years, I've contributed to a marketing firm, crafting bespoke solutions since December 2017. However, I recently decided to pursue new challenges and creative endeavors.

In my development process, I prioritize high security, efficiency and flexibility. I am adept at coding all scripts to utilize a minimal and lightweight templating system. This approach allows for seamless integration with various designs, enabling me to quickly adapt a web designer's work into template form. As a result, my scripts can accommodate any design seamlessly.

I'm also an ordained minister, which influences the work I undertake. I have a strict policy of only engaging in projects that align with my ethical principles. I refuse to code anything that may lead to others being scammed, spammed, or meant to cause distress. Instead, I am passionate about pursuing meaningful work that contributes positively to humanity, rather than taking advantage of it.